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Children's Jewelry

Gifting a piece of jewelry for a child’s birthday or just because, can leave a lasting impression. It’s a perfect opportunity to teach them a certain responsibility for caring for genuine jewelry and how to cherish a treasured item, which can lead to cultivating an early interest in collecting jewelry that will continue for a life time. 

But where do you start in picking that special piece for that special little kid in your life? 14k Gold and Sterling Silver are better choice for metals than the less expensive options due to allergic reactions to other metals. You can find a versatile selection in these metals from earrings, pendants and bracelets.  There are always personalized items, which are favorites among children because they display their name, nickname or birthday. They will know the item was picked just for them. Bangles are another fun jewelry option because they can be stacked in limitless combinations.

With the wide selection within the pages of The Children’s Jewelry catalog to fit every budget, there is a unique piece to fit every unique child.